Car Hire From Europcar

Europcar offers a broad range of top-class vehicles to suit every want, need or whim, from an array of small cars, ideal for zipping around a city and squeezing into tiny parking spaces, to 4-door family sedans designed for comfort and economy.

Car Hire Packages:

  • Europcar Car Hire - Mini

    The Mini category, populated by little beauties, these 2-door automobiles generally have no air-conditioning, but these zippy little cars use the least fuel, making this the greenest category of all, perfect for eco-minded motorists. Add to that the benefit of a small car in a congested city, and that's why these are the best city runabouts around.

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  • Europcar Car Hire - Economy

    The next category of Europcar Standard cars is the Economy class, all economical vehicles available in 2- or 4-door models, with manual gearboxes and no air-conditioning. This class, like the Mini, is great for city driving, being small and nippy, while a little more spacious than those in the Mini category.

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  • Europcar Car Hire - Compact

    The Compact category comprises 2- or 4-door automatic or manual vehicles with no air-conditioning, and features some excellent cars renowned for their quality and comfort. Like the Mini and Economy classes, cars in the Compact category are economical and, in some cases, small enough to fit into cramped parking bays fairly easily.

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  • Europcar Car Hire - Intermediate

    The next Europcar Standard category, Intermediate, combines economy with more space and comfort, spanning, as its name suggests, the gap between Economy and Standard. These cars are, for the most part, 4-door manual gearbox vehicles without air-conditioning.

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  • Europcar Car Hire - Standard

    The final Europcar category is Standard, 4-door manual gearbox vehicles without air-conditioning, but spacious as well as economical, offering the highest level of comfort of all the Standard classes and ideal for weekend outings in the country.

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